4 Essentials for Developing a Winning Mobile App Strategy for Your Business

Anand Kannan

Gartner says mobile devices can't be considered as toys anymore but technology-enabled tools to leverage workforce and business. The report further adds the gigantic growth of mobile apps hints at establishing cohesive strategies for developing and deploying apps that can enhance customer base and ROI.

There is a common misconception among budding entrepreneurs that developing a mobile itself a strategy for business success. But practically creating a mobile app is part of enterprise strategy, yet a critical process as it is the interface that will connect your business with employees and end customers.

Well, you could hit me with a question why to include mobile app as part of the strategy as mobile responsive websites are cost-effective and help in reaching out customers. The paragraph below explains why mobile website lacks the potential to entice users and convert to potential customers.

Mobile website vs. mobile application for your business

A mobile website for your business is no longer a smart choice for enterprises as customers use multiple devices during a single transaction your responsive website mayn't perform perfectly the way you wanted on different devices and browsers. Customers want it fast and even slow page loads can kill their interest and force to exit site instantly.

On the other hand, mobile apps are quick to open, access on any device and it provides users with intuitive display of business data with simple navigations to convince them for instant actions.

  1. Identifying the business goals, end users.

It's true that mobile devices are the rage today and applications are widely utilized by end users to perform multitude of activities. But this alone can't help your business in building an application. To start with, analyze the type of business, who your end customers are, how they interact with your business.

With a complete data on the hand, it would be seamless to decide on whether your business really needs a mobile app or not!

  1. Analyzing competitors

It's all about attracting, engaging and converting visitors to customers. So, amassing competitor business data and their app success rate is critical to create an exclusive strategy for your app. The insights garnered from the competitors will help create an application which has a specific USP (unique selling point) your competitor app lacks.

With this approach, attracting customers toward your business won't be a hardship.

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  1. Establishing governance and standards

Identifying resources, tools, platform for app development would be the next step. To accomplish success, select universal and standard toolbox, and flexible platform which allows for scalability. Utilizing the right resources for the complete project is critical and ensure both the developers, testers understand the scope of your business completely for an app with better user engagement.

  1. Assessing tools, resources, cost for the project

It is critical to assess the cost for mobile app development project and it is wise to include this in app strategy. Identifying right resources and analyzing the tools to be utilized during the development phase is critical for cost assessment. The project involves lots of time and money, having a thorough idea on the roadmap of development, release will help arrive at cost to be incurred during the complete lifecycle of app development phase.

With this approach, app development won't be fragmented across different parts of the organization and will ensure your business with a perfected app that delivers.

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