Challenges Retailers Face With Customer Engagement

Challenges Retailers Face With Customer Engagement

For retailers, customer engagement has been a huge issue for years. All retailers seem to have the same products with similar price points. The complexity adds up when a few e-commerce giants start selling the same products for a much lower price and deliver them to the customers' premises.

Brand loyalty is another big issue that retailers face. Customers keep switching between online and in-store channels with each purchase. They decide based on what they feel is convenient for them at that particular time.

The customers also go in for the lowest price when they believe the product is a commodity and they know what they want.

So, it becomes extremely hard for retailers to differentiate themselves on a low involvement product as customers see no difference. However, a retailer can differentiate on a medium involvement or a high involvement purchase category.

For some retailers, even to get footfalls into the outlet, they require new products or differentiated products. A great way to distinguish your products and keep it outstanding is by using e-catalogs or online catalogs.

Customers will keep visiting your physical store or online store only if they give them an unusual that stands out from the competition. Now, the question is ' how to bring this unique experience for your customers using e-catalogs?

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How To Differentiate Your Products Using E-Catalogs?


e-catalog and customer engagement


  • Build interactive catalogs with animation, videos, audio, apps that give a great experience to your customers.

  • Educate your customers on how your product will be of a big use to them in their day-to-day lives.

  • Provide additional tools to educate and engage with them better. This will give a sense of loyalty because you have given your customers good information that your competitors aren't. They will not mind spending a few bucks extra, and of course, that's because you are giving that 'awesome' experience.