5 Reasons Why Building Customer-Centric Mobile App Improves Business Growth

Anand Kannan

60-70% of companies are migrating to the mobile realm as they know physical advertisements, leaflets are no longer the best marketing options to reach out millions of customers worldwide. With mobility comes the digitization of your business promotions, through which interacting with customers across different parts of the globe becomes seamless and dream come true!

According to Gartner, customer engagement in US will drive mobile commerce revenue by 50% of US digital commerce revenue in 2017.

From what you've inferred so far, it is prudent that businesses have no other option but to embrace mobile devices and applications to boost their productivity, customer base, and ROI. Indeed, mobile apps have transformed the way how you do business as customers have started to welcome the evolving technology breakthrough.

  1. Having a mobile app boosts sales, growth

For everything there is a mobile app and businesses aren't exceptions. As customers utilize mobile apps for different purposes, it is a wise choice to introduce your mobile app for customers to access the services/products from anywhere, anytime. According to different studies, having your business app in the customer devices will register your brand on their memories and this induces to make purchasing decisions whenever they open the app.

  1. Reach out millions of customers across the globe

Reaching out as many customers in the marketspace is the primitive objective of most businesses. Well, every entrepreneur understands interacting with customers through physical printouts, flyers, brochures will never help them connect with interested visitors from different parts of the world. With a mobile app, marketers can push the deals, offers, freebies to customers in no time and the users staying 24/7 through your app can use the services/products without any hassles.

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  1. Offer value to customers through customer loyalty programs, offers, freebies

It's easy for your marketers to add value to your customers through app notifications. You can include a loyalty program with set of points through the app based on the interactions of your customer with the site and can delight with deals and offers once the eligibility criteria is met. Top companies focus on customer loyalty programs to retain existing customers and improve new customers.

  1. Attract customers and persuade to make actions

Attract customers with push notifications on valuable schemes, freebies. Your app with seamless navigations, brilliant UI/UX, easy checkout process and exquisite layout will compel users to make actions, provided the products/services is developed of first-rate quality. With in-app purchases evolving fast, in no time you can convert a user to potential customer.

  1. Answer to customer grievances and queries through app

Mobile app is the best solution to resolve your customer queries. You can offer solutions to their problems and this helps building trust on your brand. Most customers would like to share reviews, ratings of the apps and services utilized from brands. On addressing the customer grievances quickly, they'd recommend your brand to others through social channels and reviews. This boosts your sales, performance and customer engagement.

The list doesn't stop with these as there are surplus benefits associated with business apps. I have listed only the critical benefits. If you really have a business app idea that you want to materialize, we can help you!