5 Ways Retailers Can Benefit From Using An Online Catalog

5 Ways Retailers Can Benefit

A majority of the retailers engage in direct mail through physical catalogues. Even though this is one of the most effective channels to get in front of the customer, the time, the cost, and the effort to reach out to a larger audience is high.

It gets a little complicated when you would want to reach out to a global audience. Now, this is where the concept of 'e-catalog or online catalog' comes in.

5 Benefits Of Using An E-Catalogue For A Retailerbenefits of e-catalog for retail business


1. Reach Out To A Larger Audience

With internet being a leveller, your retail outlet has the ability to sell and to service a global audience. You can use email subscription, mobile apps, social media, and blogs to connect to a massive audience on a global level. A good keyword strategy can also get you in front of a qualified audience ' people who are looking to buy your product.


2. Caters To A Different Type Of Buyer Persona

You can create content for multiple buyers based on the knowledge you would have about them. As you are aware, each buyer looks at the same product from their point of view. Incorporating all of this in a physical catalogue could be difficult because of the limitations on the size.

You can create enormous amount of content with the help of an e-catalogue and can stage it over multiple pages so that your visitors can see all types of content. If they find your catalog interesting and useful, they will certainly move towards the buy (or Call To Action) button.


3. Capture Email Ids & Phone Numbers To Reach Them

The biggest advantage of an e-catalogue is the ability to capture the footprint of the visitors, who visit specific pages. The basic information can be as simple as IP Address of your visitors (which you can use for re-marketing) or additional information such as email id, mobile number, and social media handles, after they fill the form to access your exclusive content.


4. Arms Your Sales Person With Updated & Interactive Catalog

With online catalogs, you no longer have to worry your retail sales person showing outdated catalogs to your prospective customers when they walk into your shared retail space, asking for information about your product.

Your sales person can be armed with a mobile app or a laptop where they can be trained to explain and show relevant information to the customers.

They can also collect personal information, which can be further used to send relevant information to the prospective customers on a regular basis.


5. Customizable & Personalized

Analytics is one of the best ways to obtain a lot of insights about your prospects. You can personalize your communication (be it content or advertisement) and tailor it for specific people to get them engaged with you better.