Benefits of Extending IT Solutions to Mobile

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Access to ERP, CRM, SCM or BI solutions on smartphones and tablets empower businesses to meet the operational, competitive and cost challenges responsively and efficiently.

How does a mobile extension impact different areas of an organization?

Sales and employee productivity

tab04-01Giving mobile access to ERP, CRM solutions helps sales team plan meetings, attend conferences, check emails anytime, anywhere and resolve customer cases.

Real-time decisions can be turbo charged


tab04-02When mobile workers enter data on the spot, inventory counts, sales' everything changes dynamically enabling quick decisions.

Instant collaboration



tab04-05Vendors can get visibility to purchase orders and its entire life cycle. Companies can quickly correct errors and manage queries real time.

Improved partner performance in supply and value chains



tab04-031Better and timely insight into customer buying patterns, ability to use real time data for production, access to supplier data leads to improved performance.

Extend benefits beyond the office floors



tab04-08Bringing the solution on to the mobile, leads to organization wide usage. Besides business can be done anywhere regardless of location or connectivity.

Improve the quality and timeliness of the data



tab04-06Since it's done at the point of transaction, errors in data entry, inaccurate inventory displays and process delays can be avoided.

Personalized and better customer service



tab04-07As soon a sales person gets an order, it is tracked by every department concerned and the customer gets quick responses and visibility into the delivery, thereby impacting the experience positively.

Gain competitive edge



Quick insight into sales, supplies and inventory certainly builds a competitive advantage.

Better business process efficiency



tab04-04Timely information on manufacturing, sales, distribution, accounts, inventory, payables, and receivables constantly refines the business process. Without the mobile extension, there could be delays till data is checked and validated.



Impiger Mobile has worked with ERP, CRM and BI partners to enable access to information and functions on smartphones and tablets, seamlessly and securely.

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