RPA - Automate Manual, Monotonous Tasks Your Employees Hate

Ritwik Bose
robotic process automation

There is nothing Sci-Fi about RPA, we aren't invaded by a neural net-based conscious group mind, and neither artificial general intelligence systems nor humanoid intelligent robots are influencing public service positions. What I refer to here is the most underrated, behind the scenes web robots used by organizations to exponentially boost staff productivity, efficiency, and revenue.

RPA - The New Frontier of Automation

RPA - New Frontier of Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the technique of building software robots capable of performing complex and time-consuming repetitive tasks, otherwise performed by humans. The technology works 24/7, 365 days a year with minimum human supervision and precision, and guarantees rapid ROI.

Programmed robots can start interacting with your business and customers to automate repetitive tasks that take considerable physical and digital interventions.

Robotic Automation - Why It Matters for Your Business

Today with RPA, employees are becoming smarter and they don't have to fret about the mundane and repetitive tasks performed every day. By teaching these robots with form fills in the CRM, adding numbers to the excel sheet, assigning documents, indexing files, monitoring the backend etc., the monotonous tasks executed by humans can be performed by the programmed robots, under human supervision.

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The addition of robot software in the business ecosystem has transformed the way every industry works dramatically. With the help of RPA, companies are making it simpler for employees to focus on their 'overall business strategies' rather than their 'designation strategies'. And, this again can enhance the business performance and growth substantially.

Robots - The Future Is Here

Robots - The Future Is Here

From the latest reports about Redwood Software, it is evident that the US and UK IT decision makers are bullish on robotics.

  • 70% of IT decision makers say robotics has become more important in the last 12 months
  • Speed is considered the top benefit of automation for businesses; security is perceived as the greatest risk
  • 74% say that robotics automation is implemented by IT ' not operations
  • 83% say that robotics is essential or a key part of their digital transformation strategy
  • US IT decision makers are more likely to rate robotics as 'highly important' rather than their UK counterparts (77% vs. 64%)

RPA - A Revolution in Business Process Automation

RPA - A Revolution in Business Process Automation

The adoption rate of RPA is on the rise and it's critical for business owners to understand what can be plugged in to their existing business ecosystem to automate conventional tasks and improve outcomes.

As RPA becomes inseparable from businesses, by 2020 robotic process automation is expected to alleviate employee duties in shared service centers by 65%. This ensures that the next generation of employees will focus more on providing intrapreneurial ideas, attending to more customers with more accurate information in hand.

In all ways, RPA is set to change the business landscape and companies including this as part of their business strategy will enjoy substantial profits.

Automate your repetitive business processes with programmed robots and start improving productivity, saving time and costs. Planning to automate your conventional tasks? Let's talk.