How Mobility Will Help Asset Tracking Software To Evolve In The Next 5 Years

Dileepan Selvaraj
How Mobility Will Help Asset Tracking Software To Evolve In The Next 5 Years

The user demand for enterprise mobility is driving more organizations to take their applications mobile. In the case of fixed asset tracking, the advantages mobile has to offer are significant. So much so that, it has the potential to increase the effectiveness of asset tracking by an order of magnitude. Alternatively, the losses associated with fixed assets could be dramatically reduced when mobility is brought into the equation.

Here are 4 reasons why mobility is going to radically change how we track the metrics of fixed assets:


Instant notifications when fault/theft happens

Damages and theft are a real and common occurrence in industries and there is a lot that could be done to minimize the losses originating from the aforementioned causes. Degradation, one of the recurrent episodes that assets face can be instantly logged into a central system and an appropriate response can be put together to deal with the situation. Same thing with theft, an immediate notification can be sent to all the relevant parties via the central system and suitable response can be initiated.


Having the big picture on the go

Mobility gives the user the means to have a clear picture of the status quo of the fixed assets on demand. Reports can be put together and analysis can be done anywhere, anytime. Most importantly, fast decisions can be made because the user knows about the vital stats of assets which consequently reduces loss, increases productivity, etc.


The advantage of mobile peripherals

Smartphone camera'gives a unique advantage to the mobile asset management system. A user can log the current physical state of assets in the form pictures/videos for a variety of needs. Barcode readers that are integrated with the camera can give the user all the necessary information about an asset and Bluetooth printers can print out labels that can be attached to the asset to indicate change done, if any.



The GPS functionality that is native to mobiles increases the accuracy of tracking because the location can be verified. Users can update the location of a new asset or find one using this feature that is unique to mobile devices.

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