Apple Account Management Changes - 2019

Gokulkrishnan Sivasubramaniam

On 12th February, Apple merged the user accounts management for Developer PortalApp Store Connect, popularly known as the iTunes Connect.

If you are a vivid developer or a customer who is trying to manage users of your Apple account, here are the insights to all new changes that might interest you.

No user onboarding in Developer Portal

Before the merge, both Apple Developer Program and Apple Developer Enterprise Program allowed developers to onboard with a member or admin to access a specific developer program. But, with new changes in place, we will not be able to onboard users in the developer portal.

You will no longer be able to add/edit users in the developer portal. However, you will be redirected to App Store Connect to manage users for your program.


Wondering what happens with your Enterprise account which had no access to App Store Connect?

App Store Connect was previously available only with the Apple Developer Program, but now there is a new possibility that one can access App Store Connect for Apple Developer Enterprise Program too.

However, there is a limitation - the App Store Connect can be accessed only through the “Users and Access” section in the Apple Developer Enterprise Program.


User onboarding with App Store Connect

Users can onboard to the respective developer program with “Users and Access” option, which is now available for all types of developer programs. A notable change in inviting a user specific to a developer program is the “Developer Resources” section. By selecting “Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles” specific user can onboard with access to the developer portal.

The roles associated with major Apple developer programs include:


Apple Developer Program Roles Apple Developer Enterprise Program Roles

Account Holder


App Manager





Customer Support

Account Holder





Major Impacts

  • Users who had “Member” access in Developer portal and “Admin” access with App Store Connect before merge have lost access to Development resources after the merge. Such users must gain access to development resources by requesting to account holder or admin.

  • All “Developers,” who have access to development resources can now create App ID, add new device UDID, create required development certificate & profile. So, now developers must be mindful when they attempt to add device UDIDs as it's bound to the limit of 100 devices per year. Developers are given more responsibility and control to ease development.


For more details on role-based access & permissions visit Apple Program Roles.