ADA Website Violations Could Embroil Your Bank in a Costly Lawsuit

Anand Kannan

There is a steep increase in the number of banks receiving demand letters from Plaintiff firms for website violations under The American with Disabilities Act (Title III). The allegations are that their websites comprise accessibility barriers, lack of functionality to keyboard access, text re-sizes etc.

Banking is a critical service catering to millions of people throughout USA. So, it is a must to discover the common areas of ADA violations for users with disabilities.

Since December 2016, the allegations against banking institutions have increased to a whopping percentage of 60% and it may further increase in the near future.

Some of the common violations cited by law firms include:

  • Failure to provide large text, sounds, symbols, less-complex language, navigation

  • Failure to provide text alternatives or captions to videos to ease accessibility for physically limited users.

  • Failure to provide web text contrast to background color to read easily

  • Failure in directing the users with proper navigations, directions

Department of Justice's (DOJ) claim on this is creating a web presence that is accessible to all. Simply put, every product/service should be consumed by each and every visitor interacting with the site and this is possible only when the site is designed for everyone.

What will happen if you ignore ADA non-compliance risk of your banking website?

ADA violations risk can't be taken lightly and ignorance to violations will lead to demand letters from attorneys. The demand letters from the plaintiff firms aren't the end and your banking website may immediately be slapped with a hefty penalty or ugly lawsuit. On either way, it will break your business. So, make sure you address to this burning problem and fix it sooner.

How to fix ADA violations to escape the attorneys' lawsuit fury?

Performing a thorough site audit is the right way to deal with the problem. Nevertheless, it requires strong grasp of web analysis skills and WCAG 2.0 guidelines and partnering only with right web development experts will ensure permanent solution to the ADA litigation risk.

How to find the right ADA compliance services?

Well, there are many to choose from. But, it all depends on the years of experience, expertise in web development, technology and tools.

Checkout for the following attributes when choosing an expert ADA compliant service provider.

  • More than 10 years of experience

  • Certified developers, testers

  • Strong technology and tools withhold

  • Thorough understanding of ADA guidelines

  • Impressive clientele

  • Quick response time

  • Regular communications on project updates

If you're searching for a reliable partner that can address to and resolve your banking company's ADA violation issues, we can help you with a 1-page free ADA audit report with a brief information on violations and their severity.