ADA Lawsuits Against Educational Institution Websites on the Rise

Anand Kannan
ADA Lawsuits Against Educational Institution

Of late, websites of educational institutions are under the radar of ADA lawsuit and increase in the number of lawsuits against them proves that. It's true that the topic of web accessibility issues against different industry verticals is complicated due to the delayed rules and dynamic changes imposed by the Department of Justice in US.

But, the Courts and Department of Justice (DOJ) are on the same page and have assured that website inaccessibility could lead to hefty penalties and lawsuit.

So, it's all about creating a website that offers equal access to every student accessing or consuming the services.

What ADA lawsuits mean to educational institutions?

Simply put, the objective of the Department of Justice is to ensure that all colleges, schools offering online content, courses, tutorials etc. should create/renovate their websites in a way that everyone including, people with physical limitations can access the services without any trouble.

What are the common ADA non-compliance website complaints cited by plaintiff firms?

Based on the different complaints filed by many physically limited students/people throughout the US, the plaintiff firms have accumulated a few common problems and they are available below.

  • Inaccessible web pages

  • Flat designing

  • No alternatives for text or images

  • No captions for videos

  • Poor navigations

  • Misleading redirections

How the lawsuit can impact the performance and bottom-line of education institutions?

From several reports, even top educational institutions are offered demand letters and sought for settlements. Some of the popular institutions have already removed their tutorials, courses comprising more than 10,000 videos available online on medium like YouTube instantly. This hurts their branding and business. This is the reason why most institutions are trying to evade from the ADA lawsuits or penalty.

How to avoid the litigation risk and improve website performance?

The biggest challenge in front of the educational institutions is either to go for a new website or modify the exiting one. Well, both are a great idea but it requires expertise and ADA specialists to perform the actions quickly and efficiently.

Complying with the WCAG 2. Guidelines is a must for every institution and failing to do so will result in hefty penalties in hundreds of thousands of dollars or threatening lawsuits.

How to find a reliable ADA compliance services?

The points below can guide you in the process of hiring a top-rated ADA compliance services.

  • Free ADA audit with report

  • Tools to analyze ADA non-compliance measures

  • Simple yet thorough report on severity and bad practices

  • 10+ years of experience

  • Quick turnaround time

  • Strong exposure to latest web technologies

  • Excellent understanding of customer needs

  • Amazing web development and design team

The influx rate of ADA violation lawsuits on the rise and it is wise to transform your website to an ADA compliant one as it helps avoiding penalty and enabling equal accessibility to all the students accessing your website.

Not sure on whether your website is ADA compliant or not?