A Creatively Addictive Adventure

Impiger Technologies

In the current raging line of mobile games, it has become so hard to keep up the differentiation and the engagement and entertainment levels. Welcome to Funny Face Adventure and embrace absolute addictive fun! A new game from Impiger Technology'and Mobiquity, where in Goofy Grape, Jolly Olly Orange, Loud Mouth Lime and their lovably silly 'Funny Face' pals, once featured on packets of Pillsbury drink mix, are making a comeback as the stars of an iPhone game.

Rapidly swipe the characters to safely move them across the road! Make sure to pick up a piece of watermelon and power-ups on the way! You have to play to level 6 for a special surprise.

The story begins with Goofy Grape and his gang of fruit pals being catapulted from the back of a produce truck. They must band together to survive the perils of the side of the road. When Watermelon gets a taste of freedom he tries to navigate across the road without getting squished. Unfortunately, he's not so lucky and now it's your turn to try to get the rest of the fruits across the road, in hopes of putting Watermelon back together.



Inspired by the popular fruit drink of the sixties, 'Funny Face' boasts bad puns and hilarious sight gags. But most importantly, the 'Funny Face' mobile game offers amazing level-ups for the game to get going. A game that harkens back to the day when cartoons just had to be funny and a watermelon could get hit by a speeding truck and live to joke about it.