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Founded in 1996, Working Solutions began as an idea that sparked an entire industry—work-at-home contact center services. With 20 years of success, Working Solutions is a recognized leader in home-based call center solutions. Fast and fluid, their workforce of sales, customer service and technical experts is on demand for every business.

Working Solutions
The Challenge

The client, a large virtual contact center with a work-from-home work force of agents spanning several thousand was leveraging a 16-year-old home grown solution to support their business. The solution had grown in to over millions of lines of code with data spread over multiple vendor specific databases spanning over a thousand tables and millions of records making access, manageability and possibility of analytics nearly impossible.

Further the solution was extremely fragile with constant failures and downtimes affecting business. The millions of lines code had multiple point of failures with no proper error logging in place making diagnosis virtually absent. Because of the disparate data silos, the incumbent manual process of pulling data in excel sheets and performing manual computations is the center of their jobs causing unnecessary overheads in man power.

Systems existed as a bunch of a 100-fragmented big and small applications each with its own entry/exit points. Further there was no process of finding source of code authority or integrity as code was maintained and deployed on production by a group of non-English speaking programmers.  Impiger was brought in to address all the above problems and provide a robust platform that offered business reliability, full control and create a platform for deriving analytics for anytime informed decision making.

The challenge was to carry out a migration process of a large system from an on-premise remote data center to a cloud based ecosystem without affecting their day to day operations and business which was older than about 16 years.

The Solution

Impiger created a team of onsite account manager, business analysts and a solution architect to thoroughly understand their infrastructure with a detailed audit of their systems. Once the analysis was complete, Impiger put together a plan for migration and consolidation of data and systems to a cloud based architecture without affecting business.

  • The business analyst created a detailed understanding of all the business processes by conducting interviews with stake holders of key departments.
  • The Solution Architect along with a team of engineers took part in detailed knowledge sharing and code building sessions with a foreign team.
  • All three databases were unified to the Azure SQL database as a cloud service platform, having migrated 16 years’ worth of data retaining 100% data precision, integrity and completeness.
  • Applications were migrated to have 100% N+2 redundancy with a unified access to databases solving many memory leak problems.
  • Error logging implemented across all applications providing detailed remote diagnosis for the operations and IT team.
  • All offline and online processes had redundancy implemented should any systems went down for any reason.
  • On the day of the go live, the entire system was taken to production without a single glitch making the transition from the old system seamless to the 1000’s of users.
  • Entire project was completed in 6 months within budget.
  • All old systems at the old data center were put out of commissions fully relying on the new system.
  • Thousands of dollars saved in by achieving business continuity and providing a platform for detailed analytics with ad-hoc reporting without investing in an expensive tool.
  • Business robustness and continuity by providing high availability, scalability and redundancy.
  • BI Single source of data for easier manageability and analytics.
  • Provided a platform for ad-hoc reporting as desired by the management by in house team of DBAs.
  • On demand scaling of resources and easy auditing of resources and their cost.
  • Detailed diagnosis of all/any problems anytime with historic data.
Working Solutions
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