Impiger helped Vextster build an uber flexible business communication framework. Our client uses the technology to offer branded communication platforms and a suite of services via iOS and Android mobile applications for any organization or an individual, whatever their requirements may be, with only minimal change to the initial framework and is deliverable within 48 hours.

About Vextster

Vextster provides a global distribution platform which allows people to discover, learn and share information. The turnkey communication platform allows individuals and organizations to be distribute content in any format and in multiple languages and empowers its users the ability to connect, inform and inspire.


The Challenge

As the emergence of smartphones and social networks changed the way people consume information and how they communicate with each other, business needed to change how they interacted with new customers. Vextster saw the opportunity to build a next-generation branded platform, for the said businesses and individuals, that is customizable with ala-carte features, and delivers content in all formats. Impiger Technologies was tasked to build the product because it was U.S based company that provided offsite development pricing and our extensive experience in developing complex mobile applications.

The Solution

For the product to be turnkey, the client wanted the platform to be modeled on the Spoke–hub distribution paradigm. This allows the product to be managed as a core entity, communicate with APIs, and be flexible. Based on the requirements, Impiger built the product to be modular so that Vextster’s clients can get tailored features like, for example, the ability to use a forum and private video chat simultaneously in one solution and a completely different set of features like the ability to book appointments in another. Impiger’s solution architecture allows any industry, be it restaurants or hospitals, to get the features they need.

The Result
  • Vextster now provides a branded, customized communication platform within 48 hours to its customers.
  • One of the first modules launched gathered over 50,000 users in the first 60 days and users can look up over 9 million vendors and their attributes through the product.


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