About Squaredsky

SquaredSky is a web app that allows you to access all your favorite websites in one easy-to-use hub. Users can organize websites based on categories, based on inspiration, or based on anything else they like without the need of tabs and search bars. With SquaredSky, users can check all of their favorite content on a single page.

About SquaredSky
The Challenges

Everyone who uses the internet knows how hard it is keep track of all their favorite websites. For both work and personal needs, sometimes we need to visit a lot of related websites, keep them open in separate tabs on our browsers, and find a particular thing within them using the inbuilt search engines. The process must be repeated again when there is a need at another time. Seeing there was no solution available that could solve the problem to organize websites, SquaredSky wanted a new way for people to browse the internet.

The Solution

Impiger helped build SquaredSky a web application that is essentially a website for websites. After setting up their account, users can view all the portals they would like to see in a particular category with a single click. The solution provides a dashboard with category windows, a categories hub, and a button to add websites. It personalizes the internet for the user’s daily use both at home and at work. Users can perform a Google search within the websites in a particular category, share a link/image on all social media, and get content faster.

The Results
  • Impiger helped transform an SquaredSky’s idea into a remarkable tool that can help anyone who wanted a better way to use the internet.
  • Users now enjoy surfing internet without tabs, search bars, and need to remember all their favorite websites.
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A new way to surf the internet

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