S’moresUp is a parenting app, exclusively designed to make the process of parenting easier. The parenting app was developed with an intention to solve the issues of family management for modern-day families.

Apparently, parenting requirements are different, and there isn’t one particular solution that fits all. When parents get into a few tricky situations, most tend to ask for help from their friends or family whereas others browse through the internet for tips and a few opt for professional help.

However, the S’moresUp tool helps tackle modern-day parenthood challenges in a way that no family application has ever done it in the past. The mobile application serves 3 basic requirements of any modern-day parent:

• To bring up responsible children

• To manage the family effectively

• To connect with other families or friends securely


Services Offered

• SEO for the website

• AppStore Optimization (ASO) for the app

• Paid Ad campaigns in Facebook and Google

• Content Marketing

• Social media management

• Outreach and Influencer Marketing


• S’moresup, the chore management app had a narrow target audience, which included parents of kids aged between 5 and 15.

• The app was just launched, and had little to no digital marketing done.

• The website was not optimized.

• ASO was not done.

The Solution

We created a new search engine friendly and user-friendly website. We, then, came up with a digital strategy that included multiple digital marketing channels.


Firebase SDK
Google Cloud
Bootstrap CSS

We were able to increase the app downloads by 5x after one month and 12x after 2 months. Here’s the growth S’moresUp saw:





With the help of our advanced link building techniques, the client’s website started to rank in Google's results page even for highly competitive keywords.

Keywords Ranking - Before Ranking – After
Best chores App 0 16
Chores app 0 23
Family chore app 0 24


Paid Ads

Impiger’s certified ad professionals were able to reduce the cost per install from $2.86 to $2.19 with various A/B testing and retargeting campaigns in just 1 month.


Outreach & Influencer Marketing

• Articles explaining and recommending the Smoresup app were published in major parenting websites.

• Youtube influencers with over 100,000 subscribers created sponsored videos talking about the smoresup app.


Social Media Management

Impiger’s SMM executives participated in various parenting groups and parenting hashtags. We also created targeted ad campaigns to increase the followers. In just 2 months, Facebook followers went from 10 to 2000.


Content Marketing

Impiger’s content writers created 4 articles per month in parenting niche. These helped to gain new audience for the app.

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