Impiger helped Pull-A-Part upgrade their non-native, hybrid application to an iPad app that allows their customers to book their hauling service in just 4 easy taps.


Pull-A-Part, with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, is an award-winning family business serving the do-it-yourself, used auto parts market. By developing a unique operating system based on customer service and environmental responsibility, Pull-A-Part has transformed what was once thought of as the junkyard into a sustainable recycling business. Founded in 1997, Pull-A-Part operates a network of 25 used auto parts superstores in 12 states.


The Challenge

Pull-A-Part provides a hauling service where they pick up and deliver cars from the customer’s location to the Pull-A-Part yards. They offer a hybrid, non-native application for their customers to use their services. But the app had several issues with UX, data extraction errors, and stability that it needed an upgrade.

The Solution

Impiger helped build a native iOS iPad application for Pull-A-Part’s customers to use their hauling services. It has a completely new interface, enhanced user experience designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. The app provides a guided four step process to its users for capturing data and has a new map interface and directions support.

The backend has multithreaded tasks to improve the speed of the app and the solution improved upon the error and network handling capabilities from its predecessor. It also standardized and refactored existing web services without affecting existing dependent systems and services. Other features of the app include a VIN barcode scanner, driver license scanner, and a data decoder.


The Result
Impiger’s application helps Pull-A-Part offer their customers with stable and dependable iPad application. With continuous technical support and performance improvements, Pull-A-Part’s digital transformation journey will help them add more customers by providing more value.


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