Pharma Specialty Services

Impiger played a leading role in the complete digital transformation of a leading healthcare service provider by automating SharePoint workflows. The new hybrid-architecture saves the client time, money, and reduces errors while streamlining the complex process.


The client is a leading specialty service provider to clinical researchers and pharmaceuticals. They organize expert committees that provide oversight to clinical trials, including full-service endpoint adjudication committees, data monitoring committees, and safety assessment committees for hundreds of programs, protocols, and projects in every therapeutic area.

Pharmaceutical Specialty Services Company

The Challenge

The nature of organizing a clinical trial oversight committee is a complex project management process with hundreds of discrete tasks including numerous exceptions. It is required by law that they follow stringent rules and documentation therefore, a single process might take up to 8 – 12 months. The client wanted to completely automate the process through custom workflows and add additional functionalities to the system.

The Solution

To develop a minimum viable product (MVP) that the client wanted to initially deploy to replace the existing system, Impiger leveraged their existing infrastructure – a SharePoint Document Management system.

Phase 1 of the automation solution accomplished the following goals:

  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to build a complete clinical study report
  • Support a growing and very demanding workload with limited resources
  • Increase efficiency and streamline the process
  • Reduce complexity and potential for errors and delays
  • Reduce the amount of time between contract and payment

The solution had a hybrid architecture so a part of the data was kept on-premises due to security requirements and the rest in the Cloud.

In phase 2, additional features were added to make the solution even more comprehensive. Some of the complex workflows that were added are:

  • Deviation from standard protocol
  • Ability to override or cancel tasks
  • Temporarily assign tasks for a limited duration
Pharmaceutical Specialty Services Company

The Result

The two key stakeholders of the client, project managers, and executives, now save time and have reduced errors through the completely automated system. After phase 2, more end users in their ecosystem, like statisticians, analysts, doctors, and pharmaceutical representatives now use and benefit from the solution on web and mobile.


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