NUSAF3 MIS Suite and Monitoring and Evaluation System


Impiger helped Office of the Prime Minister, Uganda in design, development and implementation of NUSAF3 Management Information System Suite which has Web Portal and Monitoring & Evaluation Mobile Application.

Management Information System (MIS) build with latest technologies that supports quick and easy data captures, data processing, analysis and report generation for all stakeholders at the districts and at national level (OPM) to track and report on the progress of the program.

The NUSAF3 MIS is integrated with

  • Citizen Registry System to feed captured citizen data,

  • Beneficiary registry in Ministry of Gender to capture NUSAF3 contribution to social protection, as well as mitigation of beneficiaries benefiting more than once from similar interventions,

  • OPM MIS which is used for monitoring and evaluation of government interventions across ministries.

  • Sun Accounting System to enable Direct Bank Transfer

Brief About NUSAF3 Project

The Third Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF3) is a five-year Government Uganda Project for Northern Uganda, financed through a credit of US $ 130 million from the International Development Agency (IDA) of the World Bank. The Project is being implemented under the broader Peace, Recovery and Development Programme (PRDP3) framework and is a successor to NUSAF2. The implementation of the Project is mainstreamed into the existing government structures both at national and local government levels in 55 districts distributed across the 8 sub regions.

NUSAF3 has five components according to which MIS suite is designed:

  • Component one provides temporary/seasonal employment opportunity for poor and vulnerable households;
  • The second component provides livelihood support to poor and vulnerable households to enable them to increase their productive assets and incomes.
  • The third component – Strengthening Transparency, Accountability and Anti-Corruption (TAAC) – which is to improve Transparency, Accountability and Anti-corruption for NUSAF3 and other services.
  • The fourth component – Safety Net Mechanisms and Project Management – provides institutional support to implement the project and help to develop the social protection systems.
  • The fifth component- provides support for the Operations of NUSAF3 office at National, District and County level


The Challenges
  • Previous programmes NUSAF1 and NUSAF2 were managed through manual process with minimal digitization.
  • This led to substantial resources and much of the project implementation time goes into manual data generation and collection yet the documentation, data consolidation, analysis and reporting remain wanting and challenging.
  • There were more data leakage and data manipulation because of which the schemes efficiency went haywire.

Impiger designed and developed NUSAF MIS Suite with below components

  • Web Application - which is a comprehensive solution with modules to capture the details of beneficiary, projects, financial disbursement, operation costs, grievance and workflows for each process/module. This application will be used by officials above District level to Secretaries of the Government.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Mobile Application - It is a GPS and geo fenced mobile application with provision to capture geo tagged picture, capture data on the progress of the project and beneficiaries and capture signature of the M&E officials.
  • Report and Dashboard - The data captured through M&E mobile application is consolidated, analysed and visualised through this module
Bootstrap CSS
Maria DB
Mobile UI

NUSAF3 MIS Suite solved an impending issue related to data leakage and manipulation. After initial resistance from the field officials, the system brought in a complete and successful digital transition seamlessly.

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