McWane, Inc., a leading water works and plumbing products manufacturer with multiple locations worldwide and thousands of employees, was looking for an efficient way to communicate information internally. Impiger’s helped the client with a mobile intranet that now connects all of the client’s locations and the employees. It has a become a trusted place for information that enables teamwork and collaboration.

About McWane

McWane, Inc. is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of iron water works and plumbing products and one of America’s largest privately owned companies. The company manufactures products including ductile iron pipe and fittings, fire hydrants, cast iron soil pipe and fittings, and related products. Based in Birmingham, Alabama, McWane is a privately held, family owned company employing almost 6, 000 people in 25 facilities across the United States. In addition to the United States, the company has operations in Australia, Canada, Chile, China, India, Norway, and the United Arab Emirates.

The Challenges

The client, with multiple locations worldwide and thousands of employees, was looking for an efficient way to communicate company news, policies, locations of their offices, events etc. on mobile. They wanted to have a repository for important information that can help the firm’s employees to be more productive and get that information on the device of their choice. The client tasked Impiger to build them a mobile solution to be the go-to resource for their employees to tap into information they need on a daily basis and workflows to save time and effort, and bring consistency and efficiency to their day to day tasks.

The Solution

Impiger helped the firm build a mobile SharePoint intranet application on iOS and Android. Unlike regular SharePoint mobile intranets which requires configuration of Microsoft’s SharePoint application, Impiger built a new way to configure SharePoint components and present the data via customizable templates and formats.
Impiger’s unique approach to bring SharePoint intranets to mobile offers several advantages over Microsoft’s default mobile application such as customizable UI, pagination that allows posts to auto load, and much more. More custom features as required can be built using Impiger’s framework and it doesn’t need to wait for Microsoft’s team to enhance the default SharePoint application.

The features include

  • News
  • Events
  • Workflows
  • Resources
  • Documents
  • Locations
  • Employee details
  • Organizational hierarchy
  • Contact information

The Results

  • The client now enjoys their mobile intranet with the firm’s information and ethos available to everyone.

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