Integrated Loan Management System



Uganda’s Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Sports is a leading model for e-government in Africa and is continually building reliable digital systems in-order to deliver better governance to its citizens. The Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Sports (MoESTS) is responsible for providing technical support, guide, coordinate, regulate and promote quality education, training and sports to all persons in Uganda for national integration, development and individual advancement.

Integrated Loan Management System
The Challenge

MoESTS is responsible for the general executive administration of education, science, technology, and sports in Uganda. Higher education, which was initially free, became untenable when the students enrolling into colleges and schools grew in number. The government initiated a student loan program that covered the tuition fee of deserving students who can now join universities and take advantage of other tertiary institutions with government assistance.

The completely paper based system of loan approval was naturally slow and the workflow was manual. The business process from application to disbursal was time consuming, the file had to move from table to table, and it took a long time to qualify, process, and approve a loan application. The process for shortlisting loan applicants based on eligibility was also a manual task. It also made life difficult for the students who couldn’t identify the criteria for loan eligibility clearly.

The Ministry of Education needed a non-paper based system that is better and ensures equal opportunities for all Ugandans to get higher education through the loan scheme – fairly and easily. MoESTS chose Impiger, based on our strong proposal, pricing, and expertise, out of many international applicants to build a solution to achieve all their strategic objectives.

The Solution

Impiger Integrated Loan Management Information System (ILMIS) provided an end-to-end control to the financing board of the ministry for operating the loan scheme. The system provides enhanced tools for loan and scholarship scheme such as

  • Loan application
  • Loan allocation
  • Loan disbursement
  • Loan recovery
  • Loan database
  • Document management system

The system is designed to work on a national level and will allow other interfacing agencies to share data and information as well.

The Result
  • ILMIS has helped create a comprehensive and integrated system for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the loan management scheme at all levels for the Ugandan government.
  • ILMIS tools, would in addition, help remove non-value adding activities and create integrated workflows for better management of loan scheme starting from loan application till loan recover.
  • The system will help thousands of Ugandan students to easily apply, receive, and pay back the loans while fulfilling their dreams of getting a university education.
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Web Integrated Loan Management System
Web Integrated Loan Management System