Integrated Financial Management System for Uganda Wildlife Authority


Impiger helped Competitiveness and Enterprise Development Project to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning solution for Uganda Wildlife Authority to strengthen their financial accounting and financial management system.

Project Background

The Government of Uganda has received credit from the International Development Association toward the cost of the Competitiveness and Enterprise Development Project, and intends to apply a portion of the proceeds of this credit to payments under the agreement resulting from this IFB: Supply, installation, testing, commissioning and training of an Integrated Financial Management System for Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).

GoU intends to use part of the proceeds to payments under the contract Supply, installation, testing, commissioning and training of an Integrated Financial Management System for Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).


Currently, manual as well as isolated and fragmented computerized accounting systems are in operation. Different software related to tourism revenue, budgeting, procurement, payroll, financial and inventory accounting are in use in different departmental units of UWA. However, this is not resulting in effective automation of operations and reporting in a timely manner and calls for a need to improve the overall financial management system of UWA. The key issues being faced are given below:

  • Increase in difficulties in capturing and processing large volumes of financial information for the preparation and presentation of financial statements.
  • Bottlenecks being faced in providing timely, accurate and complete information for decision making.
  • Difficulties in handling the compliance with respect to increasing standards and reporting requirements.
  • Difficulties in budget monitoring
  • Difficulties in aging payables, receivables and statement of account generation
  • Difficulties in cost/ revenue center reporting and performance monitoring
  • Use of delinked software/ manual systems in Finance, human resource, fixed assets, budgeting, Inventory and order management, and procurement.
  • The incremental approach of implementing IT systems has led to many issues relating to reconciliation issues, inadequate and delayed MIS, duplicity of activities/ records/ data and redundant activities.

Impiger implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP for Uganda Wildlife Authority with the below modules

  • Finance Management ( Multicurrency, General Ledger, Budgeting, Revenue & expense, Transaction , Payable Management , Receivable Management, Cash Management, Posting ,Inquires, Financials with History and Budgets, Bank Reconciliation and Reports )
  • Fixed asset
  • Human Resource & Payroll management
  • Distribution Series includes Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing and Inventory.
  • Fleet Management
  • Project Series including Contract Administration with Revenue Recognition.

The system brought in place an easy to use and modern IT (web) based integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) in all its locations across the country.

Client: Competitiveness and Enterprise Development Project, Uganda and Uganda Wildlife Authority. Year-2019. Industry- Government. Platform- Web

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