Impiger Technologies helped one of the largest retail and hospitality organizations in the Middle East build a loyalty program for its 7 million members and a guest presence detection solution.

Global Retailer

About Global Retailer

The client is one of the largest retail and hospitality organizations in the Middle East involved in the retailing of apparel, footwear, consumer electronics, cosmetics, beauty products, home improvement, and much more.

The Challenges

Today customers are demanding a personalized shopping experience. This global retailer recognized the change in how customers want to engage and wanted to do something about it. With the industry’s turn towards providing an enhanced in-store shopping experience, they sought out a solution to reward their customer’s loyalty with personalized information and special offers while in any of their more than 1,000 brick and mortar outlets.

The Solution

Impiger built a mobile customer loyalty application with the objective of taking customer loyalty to a new level. The mobile app available for iOS and Android provides fast, reliable and secure Wi-Fi access in its 1,000+ retail outlets.

The loyalty program offers its 7 million members a wide variety of rewards in every lifestyle category imaginable- including clothing, footwear, accessories, salons and spas, home furnishings, electronics, sports, entertainment, and restaurants.

Impiger in partnership with Zebra Technologies built a “Guest Presence Detection” solution. The core aspect of the solution is customers receiving free Wi-Fi access after downloading the client’s iOS or Android mobile app, authentication of the user, and location detection of the customers in the store.

One of the primary features of the solution, in addition to providing offers and product information, was to have employees identify customers in the store and provide them with a pleasant, enhance, in-store experience.

The Results

Customer engagement and satisfaction is up to the retail outlets. Customer retention and frequency of purchase goes up along with revenue. This solution is clearly a Win-Win for both the global retailer and all its customers.


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