Impiger helped freshbenies build a web and mobile solution that helps its members receive on-demand healthcare services that are not covered by insurance. The solution is a digital complement to their services and is helping freshbenies customers by taking the ‘headache out of healthcare’.

About freshbenies

freshbenies is on a mission to provide a fresh approach to health benefits. The one of a kind healthcare solution provides a bundle of services that is not covered by insurance. With a freshbenies card, members can call or email a doctor 24×7, negotiate and organize medical bills, get prescriptions for drugs, know the cost of procedures and many other services. freshbenies helps people save out-of-pocket costs, time, and provides its members with on-demand healthcare services including dental and pet care.


The challenge

The client has been providing their unique service for over 7 years. When customers signed up for their membership, they got a physical card and a booklet with all contact information printed on them and explained how the services worked. freshbenies realized that their members received a limited experience of the full range of their services with the cards and booklets. The client approached Impiger to help them build a digital solution that can make the process simple and engaging for their customers.

The Solution

Impiger helped freshbenies with a web portal and a mobile app on iOS and Android that provided a uniform branded experience across all devices. The solution offered freshbenies members to

  • Get advice from doctor or specialist 24×7 through phone, email or online video
  • Look up articles, videos and health encyclopedia on any device, any time, any where
  • Get prescriptions discounts, and compare prices for drugs
  • Coordinate care among multiple providers
  • Maintain secure personal health record
  • Transfer medical records
  • Know the cost of procedures

The Result

  • The solution helps save time and for freshbenies members by helping them avoid crowded waiting rooms in the doctor’s office, urgent care clinic or ER
  • It provides on-demand, online healthcare—wherever, whenever


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