Impiger helped Fenner India, a premier mechanical power transmission engineering company, develop a mobile cataloguing app (iOS and Android) for their customers in the U.S. The app will help users identify Fenner’s oil seals with respect to customer’s vehicle manufacturer, model and application area.

About Fenner

J.K. Fenner Limited is a member of the JK Organization and ranks among the top industrial houses in India. For over a 100 years, the name Fenner has been synonymous with mechanical power transmission and sealing solutions and is reputed for retaining a large customer base for their consistent quality and innovation.

Fenner-Oil Seal

The Challenge

The customer manufactures a wide variety of oil seals for a range of automobile manufactures. Information about the oil seal part number for a particular automobile, and manufacturer was passed onto the customers through brochures and print catalogs which was less than a convenient way to cover and update all the information.

The team at JK Fenner contacted Impiger Technologies to build them a mobile catalog app that solves two kinds of problems – aid its sales team with a ready reckoner of oil seals they manufacture for different car models, and give its customers quick access to the seal’s part number when they decide to replace one.

The Solution

Impiger helped Fenner develop a mobile application to be used in the U.S market. The end users – dealers, garage owners, mechanics, etc., use the app to find the right oil seal and its price for their car or motorbike.

The catalogue database covers oil seals for all models of cars and motorbikes that Fenner manufactures. When the user enters the model of the car/motorbike along with the manufacturer – a schematic of the right oil seal along with its price is displayed to the users.

The app employs Firebase DB at its backend to account for the variable change in prices of the oil seals. Instead of querying for the data every time the app is opened, Firebase allows us to download the new prices only if there is change. This allows the app to function virtually offline and needs only a minimal network.

Fenner Oil Seal
The Result
  • The app dramatically reduces the cumbersome activity of trying to determine the right oil seal to buy by empowering the users with the right information about oil seals for their automobiles and its price


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