Fanpage is the go-to place for a fan, any fan, to create an online space for their favorite band, team, comic book, movie, video game, or whatever they’re a fan of.

The platform allows users to share their Fanpages, gain followers and likes, and compete to become the biggest fan.

As they do, the users earn chances to win once-in-a-lifetime fan experiences

The Challenges

While high-speed internet and various social media networks allowed access to on-demand content and a way to share them, respectively, users were always forced to make aliases of their favorite celebrity.

The platforms did not give fans the opportunity to take credit for their work they did or engage with other fans as themselves.

There was simply no dedicated platform available for fandoms to talk about their favorite celebrity as themselves. Fanpage wanted to provide a robust online platform for users to create their own space for celebrities and things they like.

The Solution

Fanpage wanted a native mobile application on iOS and Android and Impiger was tasked to build the app. The solution that lets users sign up and asks what are the things they are a fan off from a list of over 1500 categories like movies, sports, comics, music, video games, etc.

The app curates content from social media like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and user-generated content. Users can follow other Fanpages to get their content on their feed and It allows them to find, connect, and compete with other fans to become the biggest fan of a particular celebrity or movie or any of the many categories and win exciting prizes.

The app is also useful for influencers and brands as well because it allows them to run contests to build a buzz around their product and reward their fans who act as their social brand activists.

Microsoft Technologies
Android SDK
Xcode 10
Firebase SDK
Admob SDK
Adcolony SDK
Facebook SDK
Twitter SDK
Microsoft Azure
Mssql Database
The Results
  • Fanpage is now the go-to place for all fandoms, influencers, brands, and celebrities to talk about the things they like.
  • Impiger helped build the application while able to reduce the go-to market time and significant capital which are normally mutually exclusive consequences.
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"Everybody on the Impiger team that I’ve dealt with are good people. They are high character, high quality people that I would refer to anybody."

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