Cellgate offers products and service to property owners for remote monitoring and control with access codes when someone is entering their property while they are away. Their products are often installed in areas where landline telephone access and power lines are not readily available and provides remote gate entry or for monitoring assets. The groundbreaking products are truly suitable for almost any residential or commercial location that has a gate.

The Challenge

Cellgate was looking for a partner that can help them build an extremely complex second-generation visitor access solution from scratch. They wanted to hire a company that had the skillset, background, and technology stack required to work off Cellgate’s existing proprietary devices, cellular OTA programming requirements, and telephony interfaces. Impiger was chosen based on the breadth and background of our experience.

The Solution

Impiger was quickly able to learn and accommodate Cellgate’s technology platform into the new solution architecture. We delivered a solution that worked with the client’s hardware and gives their customers complete control over visitors accessing the property with access codes and notification alerts. Further, the client has solicited an extension of Impiger’s services by requesting additional features to be built into existing and new solutions because of Impiger’s dynamic resource allocation, cost-effectiveness, diligent project management, and the very small learning curve to understand their existing technology.

Microsoft Azure
Mssql Database
Firebase SDK
Plug and Pay
The Result
  • With the right blend of resources, on-site project managers, communication and quality, Impiger and its team of experts helped Cellgate create the visitor management solution quickly.
  • One of the solutions Impiger delivered became the number 1 selling product for Cellgate.

Impiger was willing to go above and beyond to learn our technology and our platform to deliver excellent quality of work.

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