About Bullindia

Impiger designed and developed a Supplier Portal for Bull India to help them manage their suppliers using a single integrated application. The application is integrated with Bull’s ERP to ensure seamless data flow from Bull’s to suppliers and vice versa. 

The Challenges

Being a manufacturing company, everyday operation at Bull involves umpteen number of suppliers in providing multiple accessories and spares. The number of suppliers involved are invariably large floating population and is not in defined number. This resulted in obtaining numerous ERP licenses which resulted in increased operational cost and no control over the licensing acquired due to volatility in users

The Solution
  • Impiger delivered a Supplier portal to Bull India to help them manage their suppliers using a Centralized web application. The end suppliers of Bull India were provided access to the supplier portal which is integrated with Bull ERP. This integration ensures that data is communicated between Bull India and Suppliers ensuring smooth and efficient operations
  • Supplier portal is equipped with features including provision to View & Acknowledge Purchase Orders, View the list of materials dispatched, to create Inspection reports, Generate Advance shipping notice, View receipts and Reports & Dashboards illustrating multiple data information
  • Suppliers have the provision to create multiple access to different stakeholders such as QA User, Purchase Head, Accounts Manager and Operations engineer and can provide defined access pertaining to their role
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