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Blais & Associates, launched in 2000, is a full-service grant management firm with a proven track record of writing successful grant applications, winning approximately 83 percent of all proposals prepared on behalf of clients. B&A is owned and managed by Destin and Neil Blais who together, have more than 30 years’ experience in developing grant applications and for-profit proposals, grant and project management, and government relations.

Blais & Associates
The Challenge

Blais & Associates primary clients are local municipal governments and the core challenge to their work is document and time management.

B&A’s core functions for managing grants are needs assessment, grant writing, research and identification, grant management, post award compliance, and liaison and advocacy services. All their tasks involve collaboration of multiple stakeholders under strict deadlines and the projects were managed almost entirely with spreadsheets, word documents and email.

When their number of clients started to increase, B&A wanted to digitally transform and automate their process to eliminate the manual project management, increase their efficiency and output.

The Solution

Impiger helped B&A build a Grant Management System to automate their existing processes. The new web application with an interactive user interface (UI) focused on being simple yet thorough enough to avoid all manual documentation processes.

It provides a ‘Single Sign On’ across existing set of web applications (New System & Egnyte) and other systems as required. The 3-tier architecture that allows the roll out of different applications for different user community. It also has unified access management features across the web application delivering as a single web instance. The inter-application automation system is a self-service, non-IT dependent system.

One of the key features of the new application is a reporting feature which provides information on schedules and deadlines. The application is also designed to be licensed to Blais’ clients.

The Result
  • With the new web application, B&A, has radically improved their efficiency in managing grant documents and meeting deadlines.
  • The grant management application has successfully eliminated all manual processes involved in the documentation.
Blais & Associates
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