Acero Crowns

Impiger helped Acero Crowns, a pediatric crown manufacturer, with an integrated cloud solution to create an end-to-end digital experience for their customers as well as features to manage inventory, orders, pricing, and role-based access.


Acero Crowns is a pediatric crown producer based out of Dallas. They offer high-quality crowns with lower price points. Acero Crowns is affordable to all dentists, especially those treating underserved children. With 350000+ patients, satisfied dentists in 50 states and sales of one million crowns, Acero Crowns plays a competitive role with the leading brands in pediatric dentistry.


The Challenge

The client’s top selling products – AceroXT, Acero3S posterior crown, and AceroES resin-covered stainless-steel crowns, are some of the most preferred dental prosthetics by dentists across the country. To meet the demand, Acero processed orders manually through phone and email. Furthermore, managing their customer relations, inventory, and payments through spreadsheets, Ordoro and other disparate single-purpose software were not ideal at scale. Therefore, Acero Crowns approached Impiger to digitally transform their business

The Solution

Impiger had provided an integrated cloud solution to manage their business end to end. The important features are as follows:

  • Customer management

    User account creation, account management, email notification on orders and invoice downloading

  • Catalog and pricing management

    Flexibility in managing a customer wise product catalog with customer specific pricing and discounts

  • Inventory management

    Automatically manages the product inventory and automatically replenishes orders

  • Order management

    Includes the order creation, processing, shipping, invoice generation and email notification

  • Payment gateway integration

    Enabling their customers to pay for their orders directly via all popular payment methods

  • Dashboard

    Role based dashboard for analytics and custom KPIs.

Inventory Management

The Result

  • The solution has helped the client with an increase in orders and user satisfaction as Acero Crowns’ customers can order and pay online on web and mobile.
  • The fully integrated digital transformation covering their end-to-end business process helps Acero Crowns to be more productive, customer friendly, and profitable.


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