AAI inspection management



AAI executives perform daily inspection, validate checklist, capture images, raise tickets and contact concerned engineer using the Android application
Issues raised by AAI executives will be notified to the authorized engineer/Head of the department for corrective measures
Open tickets/issues will get escalated to the higher authorities through push notifications on SLA breach
 AAI Management will have complete control on the process administered and can view Reports 

Impiger helped Airport Authority of India (AAI) in developing an Inspection Management system to manage the issues reported at the Chennai International Airport. The solution provided comprises of a Web and Mobile Application to do a preventive maintenance and to track and manage issues across all the terminals in the Chennai International Airport

AAI inspection management Overview
The Challenges

Maintenance & Issue tracking at the Airport were carried out through WhatsApp groups which resulted in lack of traceability and no transparency on the status of the issues reported. There was simply no provision to check on the number of issues reported. This approach of tracking issues did not have Accountability and no mechanism to conduct periodic auditing and Inspection. This traditional approach included a lot of paperwork and resulted in back and forth communication which affected the operational efficiency

The Solution

Impiger designed and developed a Web & Mobile Inspection management solution for carrying out daily inspections, raise tickets for any issues within the airport premises, monitor ticket status and trigger escalations to multiple stakeholders
 AAI staffs belonging to multiple sections such as Terminals, cityside, Airside and Admin block carry out daily inspections using the Native Mobile Application. The entire process is monitored and tracked by the Admin through the Web application

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Mobile AAI inspection management
Mobile AAI inspection management
Mobile AAI inspection management
Mobile AAI inspection management