You need to be a real geek to be an Android app developer. And fortunately, Impiger has many. Building apps for the world’s most widely used mobile OS is no easy task. From the sheer number of OEMs that use Android to the number of devices that run older versions of the OS, it takes a competent Android app development company to do the job.


Why Impiger?

  • Experience
    We have built over 100 Android apps for many enterprises in different industries
  • Range
    The types of apps we have developed range from workflow management, business analytics dashboards, content & inventory management and many more.
  • Peripheral devices
    Our experience with developing Android apps that utilize peripheral devices like printers, barcode readers, etc. is unrivalled
  • Expertise
    Our capabilities with end-to-end builds, continuous integration, levels of document rendering, load times, mobile device management and security are unmatched

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