Simplifying Delivery Tracking With Intuitive Mobile Application

The Problem

QTrak, a Pennsylvania logistics company, built an internal tracking delivery app in order to embrace their rapidly growing logistics business. Unfortunately, the newly built mobile app was plagued by limited features and capabilities. The application was inflexible, slow and unreliable as the handlers often found it difficult to meet their specific requirements. The mobile app did not easily scale and therefore not seen as a long-term sustainable solution.

The Solution

QTrak engaged Impiger Technologies to undertake a thorough study of QTrak’s existing application and design a reliable application for both the iOS and Android platforms. The app was designed to meet all QTrak requirements with customized features designed to streamline work and increase productivity. Customers were now able to access information at the tip of their fingers with real-time notifications and alerts. QTrak was now efficient and streamlined for business.

Business Impact

The mobile application designed by Impiger Technologies enabled QTrak to achieve large-scale delivery performance while ensuring 80% cost savings.

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