Impiger’s legal case management framework fits your changing workflows as regulatory compliances evolve. The dynamic system can also help control all your liabilities, costs, and documents.

New laws are passed, regulations changed, and statutes are amended frequently. Your legal practice faces an uphill task to stay organized in such an environment. Every law firm needs a dynamic system that doesn’t need to be upgraded every time the legal landscape changes. Our mobile and web-based case management solution will:

  • Help your legal firm serve more clients, and improve internal collaboration.
  • Deliver service more effectively while supporting rich process interaction and document-centric processes with advanced analytics.
  • Update regulatory changes in your system at zero support costs.
  • Keep all information and data confidential.

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Solution Features

  • Cloud hosted
  • Drag and drop customization
  • Update new laws, regulations
  • Firm-wide actionable insights
  • Simplified document management
  • Track hours spent on a case
  • Works on web, tablets, and mobile
  • Scan invoices, bills, and receipts
  • Reminders for case appointments, court dates


Solution Get important case data on any device
Solution Work anywhere and anytime
Solution Bill hours accurately
Solution Access stored documents in any format
Solution Zero support costs
Solution Increase productivity through automation
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