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Impiger Technologies is a leading Digital Transformation Solution Provider that enables businesses to Automate, Engage, and Manage their business through the implementation of the latest digital tools. We specialize in Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development, Cloud Application Development, Digital Marketing, Internet of Things, Robotic Process Automation, and Artificial Intelligence.

With a huge team of experts and skilled workforce, we not only deliver the product effectively but also ensure that our clients improve their overall revenue, productivity, and efficiency.

Our comprehensive bouquet of digital transformation services and solutions powers some of the world’s leading brands. Impiger’s software services and technology solutions deliver results that are scalable, and sustainable. In short, all your web, mobile, and cloud needs are served and packaged to meet your business objectives.

What we do

Leveraging our adroit business competencies and cross-industrial experience, we cater services based on our customer’s needs. With a team of proficient web developers, we are consistently gaining better insights into making an “ideal” application.

Our focus remains on delivering the objectives in a user-friendly and efficient manner. Most importantly, we do not mislead anything with the project. Throughout the process, we stay transparent and clear with our customers.

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From conceptualizing, designing, developing, to delivering, marketing, and managing, Impiger Technologies tailors everything. It does not matter how complex your requirements are, our experts are skilled enough in accomplishing the way you want your mobile application to be.

With a team featuring years of proficiency in this forte, we ensure that your requirements are met on time with effectiveness.

With us, you can be certain in not only getting a tactically crafted and precise solution but also helping you to increase your ROI (Return On Investment).

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Whether you want to develop something completely innovative from scratch or migrating the entire mainframe database system, adopting cloud technology brings a plethora of challenges. Therefore, choosing the right cloud development service is crucial.

This is where we come in. Impiger Technologies offers accurate solutions in a way to make sure that an end user has straightforward access to fresh features and latest updates. Moving to the cloud is certainly an excellent option only if done right.

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By becoming transparent and implementing well-defined SEO strategies, we help a website to rank higher in major search engines. However, we just don’t stop at this part.

When clients get our internet marketing services or solutions, they are also educated further as to how every element of the marketing campaign can improve their overall online presence.

We can do a great deed in helping you develop a complete online marketing plan that not only features engaging experiences from visitors but also engrosses them to take appropriate action – from connecting to your social communities, purchasing your products to discussing your brand or products to peers on social channels.

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Our Works

PricewaterhouseCoopers, a leading multi-national Professional Consulting Services provider with multiple locations worldwide and thousands of employees, was looking for an efficient way to communicate information internally. Impiger’s helped the client with a mobile intranet that now connects all of the client’s locations and the employees. It has become a trusted place for information that enables teamwork and collaboration.

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Beckman app screenshot

Beckman Coulter
Beckman Coulter, Inc., a US based medical devices manufacturing company, engaged Impiger to develop a mobile application platform for their customers to register complaints, escalate tickets and general enquiry. Beckman’s customers are many leading hospitals across India and they are confident that this application will improve their customer service.

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Impiger helped freshbenies build a web and mobile solution that helps its members receive on-demand healthcare services that are not covered by insurance. The solution is a digital complement to their services and is helping freshbenies customers by taking the ‘headache out of healthcare’.

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Impiger helped QTrak, a leader in package delivery system, with an Android app that eliminates paperwork and logbooks when it came to tracking a package from any delivery service. New features were added to the existing iOS app like the computerized locker that gave an advantage to QTrak with respect to their competitors.

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Client’s Testimonial

“Impiger actually takes the time to learn your business and learn how your end user is going to use the product so they can build it to make it useful for them. This is my first experience with an app but I’ve built multiple websites. It hasn’t been my experience in the past to move as fast as we did and get the response times that we get from them.”


CoFounder & COO

“Impiger has saved us a bunch of money. I don’t know if I can put an exact number to it, but they’ve probably saved us 50 percent to 60 percent of what we were previously paying. They’re very conscientious, and they’re extremely responsive. Impiger is very quick to respond with the right solution. They’re also very patient in terms of dealing with nontechnical people.”

Billy Rodgers


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