Impiger’s integrated mobile solution for doctors and patients allows doctors to monitor patient’s health through data captured via the patient’s smartphone.

When a user needs medical consultation, the patient can look-up the associated doctors and initiate a video or a voice call with them through the app and fix an appointment.

  • The solution can store the patient’s medical history, existing conditions, allergies, and hospitalized dates.
  • Track patients’ blood type, height, weight, prescriptions with dosage and frequency, pharmacy information, doctor’s names and notes.
  • It can sync with wearables and other Bluetooth enabled health monitoring devices to send information about their heart rate.
  • Accessories allow diabetics to monitor their blood glucose levels, caloric intake and exercise patterns.

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Solution Features

  • BMI calculator
  • List drug usage
  • Fix appointments
  • Integrates with wearables
  • PIN validation support to login
  • Search for medicines using barcode
  • In app reminders for medical prescription
  • Available for iOS and Android compatible devices
  • Integrated calendar to renew medical subscriptions
  • Initiate video call and voice call with Doctor/Patient
  • Educate disease prevention through mobility & IP-Telephony Solution


Solution Reduces healthcare costs and complexity
Solution Enables proactive action to patient’s condition
Solution Can reduce visits to the clinic or hospital
Solution Doctors get accurate information
Solution Encourages patients to be more health conscious
Solution Easy access to specialist doctors
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