Spectra – Impiger’s native SharePoint intranet on mobile is the ideal place for your business’ people and knowledge.

Spectra offers a one of a kind advantage over the regular Microsoft’s default mobile application such as customizable UI, pagination, workflows and much more. More custom features, as required, can be built additionally and it doesn’t need to wait for Microsoft’s team to enhance the default SharePoint application.

  • Mobile intranets let businesses share news and announcements through push notifications and doesn’t push the users to visit their intranets on a regular basis.
  • Impiger designed Spectra’s user experience (UX) keeping in trend with the current iOS and Android style guidelines.
  • Unlike regular SharePoint mobile intranets which requires configuration of Microsoft’s SharePoint application, Spectra configures SharePoint components and present the data via customizable formats.

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Solution Features

  • SharePoint workflows
  • Push notifications
  • Access to resources
  • Manage documents
  • Leave management
  • Get employee details
  • Keep up with company events
  • Learn organizational hierarchy
  • Location details of your offices
  • Get important news about your organization
  • Get contact information of important people


Solution Improved productivity
Solution Better collaboration
Solution Better knowledge management
Solution Streamlines processes
Solution Identifies knowledge gaps
Solution Available anywhere and on any device
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