Impiger’s custom solutions widen enterprises’ scope of productivity opportunities through mobile, web, cloud, and IoT The range of our enterprise solutions aim to eliminate the gap between your need and a complete business transformation. Our solutions can enable you to get the best business value by:

  • Helping you transform and utilize resources from various internal and external sources
  • Ensuring that asset, data, personnel management and governance structures are established in a sustainable way
  • Utilizing data analytics for accelerated decision making and automation

Our solutions

  • HR Portal  Impiger’s HR solution facilitates an organizations ability to motivate and pool resources effectively by streamlining the objective of the company while keeping employees happy.
  • imPower BI – Business Intelligence dashboards Make real-time, data-driven decisions with Impiger’s business intelligence solution.
  • Intranets Build a platform to connect & build -knowledge, talent, relationships within an organization.
  • Spectra – Mobile Sharepoint Intranet A go-to resource for your employees to tap into the information and expertise of your business.
  • Mobile Workflow Extension Impiger’s mobile workflow extensions of SAP ERP modules to mobile allows your – on the move executives to access ERP data, approvals, inventory, sales, purchases, workflows securely.
  • Mobile Barcode Scanner Impiger’s mobile barcode scanning solution allows you to turn any tablet or mobile phone into a barcode scanner and then record and track any asset.
  • SharePoint Workflows Impiger empowers businesses with custom SharePoint workflow solutions using the application’s powerful features and range.
  • Sales Dialers A cloud based sales engine on the web and mobile. It is a three-in-one system that delivers voice calls, SMS and emails to your target customers.
  • Support Ticketing Extend personalized support to your customers with Impiger’s support ticket solution. The self-service mobile solution makes it easy for your customers to request help and track progress on issues.
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