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Gopinath Jayamalrao
Chief Product Officer

Gopinath Jayamalrao is the founder CEO and board member of Strobilanthes Technology Solutions, an Internet of Things (IoT) company that integrates IoT with Big Data Analytics and focuses on Social Media, Mobile Applications, Augmented Reality, and Wearable Technology.

After providing thought leadership, conducting workshops, and presenting papers in conferences for close to 170+ customers throughout America, Gopinath followed his passion of the continuous process of growth and kick-started Strobilanthes in 2013 to integrate emerging technologies and solve the common man's pain-points.

Having graduated and mastered in Computer Science and visited many countries as part of his professional career, Gopinath takes pride in spearheading businesses in emerging technologies as part of his entrepreneurial spirit. He is currently responsible for defining macro-strategy and directing Strobilanthes in all arenas of organizational growth.

During the first decade of his professional stint, Gopinath worked with Cognizant and Yahoo and advised corporate IT clients across industry verticals. His clientèle included Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon, established bankers like Chase, Keybank, and USBank, and top retail giants like Staples, Home Depot, and Travelers insurance to name a few.

An accomplished visionary and a relentless servant leader, Gopinath is known for identifying core-industry trends, creating macro-strategies, and attracting top talent while synergizing individual & team core-competencies to benefit the entire organization.