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Impiger Technologies is a leading Digital Transformation Solution Provider that empowers businesses to use various Digital Solutions through the implementation of Mobile, Cloud, Web, IoT, AR, RPA and AI Technologies. We have been in tech services for 15 years and provide services for multiple industries, specializing in Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, Healthcare, Finance, and Services. 
For over a decade, Impiger has been delighting customers with high-quality consulting and development services, resulting in >90% customer retention rate. We have delivered more than 300+ mobile applications: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, HTML5, etc. and have developed over 200+ cloud and web applications across multiple technologies including Amazon Web Services, SharePoint, Microsoft Azure, ASP.NET, etc.  Impiger helps enterprises improve business efficiency, productivity, and revenue.
With over 350 professionals spread across the globe, we provide expertise and guidance to small start-ups with big ideas all the way up to large Fortune 500 corporations searching for specific skills and/or resources.

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Latest news

March 31, 2020

31st March, Dallas, TX: With companies choosing to go remote amidst the novel #CoVID crisis and adopting a digital approach to working, it is no surprise that remote solutions are the need-of-the hour. However, building a scalable remote solution or a digital workspace that suit different businesses is a tall order.  

March 31, 2020

Amidst the #CoVID19 crisis, Impiger Technologies is helping the SMB community out with digital assistance in the form of AI powered chatbots. Bluefish, its AI chatbot platform will help users create customized chatbots for their business to supplement their human taskforce and improve communication with their customers and the rest of the stakeholders.  

March 24, 2020

Dallas, TX: In the wake of the novel coronavirus, companies are shifting their conventional work mode to a remote structure. Impiger Technologies has taken a similar step to contain the effects of the virus as well. In order to ensure that the business momentum continues to remain at the current pace, the organization has crafted an efficient Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that plugs the connectivity and efficiency gap that might prevail during remote working.