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IOT Engineer


Roles and Responsibilities

  • Knowledge on most commonly used microcontrollers from TI, Microchip, ST etc.
  • Strong grasp of C, C++ programming languages with the capability to write, test and debug software independently
  • Experience in working with prototype boards such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Arduino YUN, Edison, or others
  • Commanding knowledge on the interface standards like PCI, USB etc.
  • Good understanding PCB schematics & Layout design for the testing purpose
  • Expertise in developing solutions consistent with connected devices strategy
  • Provide technical guidance for all IOT connected projects
  • Should support the mobile platform strategy development and architecture
  • Strong background in Application Development
  • Familiarity in Mobile Architecture
  • Familiarity in Distributed Systems Architecture
  • Familiarity in Amazon AWS or Cloud

Desired Skills

Strong verbal and written communication, PCB design, Programming Knowledge of 8051, 8085, AVR, STM, Arduino series, ARM, MSP430, Raspberry Pi, Begalbone Black, IoTBolt, Sensors, basic IoT platforms: Kaa IoT, Windows IoT, Bolt IoT, Intel IoT, Thinger .io