Mobile Apps for Employee Engagement: Practical Advice and Key Takeaways

Organizations that initially focused on engaging customers with their businesses are now slowly turning to employee engagement strategy to improve profits. From a survey and research study, it is proven that companies having better employee engagement savor improved customer retention and profit rate by at least 200% compared to those without.

Simply put, engaging your employees with the company can indirectly influence the customer retention and profit. Here in this blog post, we have compiled some interesting points for businesses that would persuade C-level executives for developing a mobile app that engages employees better and ensures success.

Mobile apps are the rage today and companies utilizing the next-generation solutions are extracting amazing profits. Of the multitude of benefits offered by applications, hugest is the employee and customer engagement abilities.

Why employee engagement matters?

Having the employee engaged must be the high priority for most companies. From reports, workforce connected to your business improves customer retention and profit. Even a small percentage of increase in employee engagement can trigger a huge volume of profit in millions. But, it’s all about finding the right strategy to make your employees connected to the business. And, including mobile app as part of the strategy is choice of top business heads.

Top benefits of having an employee engagement app for your business:

  • Helps connect with each other and management
  • Helps reach out staff for advice, inspiration, problem solving
  • Helps communicate value clearly and on-time
  • Helps eliminate IT headaches
  • Helps save time
  • Helps improve process efficiency, productivity

Here are the multiple factors that must be considered before creating a mobile app for your business.

  • App strategy including design, development
  • App features
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance and upgrades

Here are the top recommendations for enterprises planning for a mobile app for engaging their employees with business.

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Understanding your business objective

Developing an application without a strong urge for it could be detrimental for your business. So, when it comes to making the app strategy decision, it is a must to finalize on “voluntary vs. mandatory” approach. Go for the app solution only when the business objective aligns with requirements. Having a complete understanding of your business goals will help you convince the C-level executives to vote for the app solution.

Conquering Native vs. hybrid app dilemma

Another huge challenge for any technical head within an organization is selecting from native or hybrid option. While native mobile app is a brilliant choice, considering employees using their own mobile devices for accessing business information today, going for hybrid solutions is the recommended option. A hybrid app can serve to the purpose of employees consuming information using different mobile devices operating across major platforms.

Getting app implementation right at the first time

Rolling out app implementation across enterprises is challenging and requires expert approach. Trying this with a novice or startup app development will turn out detrimental. Hiring an experienced company that have developed significant number of applications for multiple clients across the globe would be the best fit. Professional app development companies realize the significance of creating quality apps that translate the business vision to real.

Strategizing app maintenance and upgrades

Developing and implementing application for your enterprise isn’t a one-time process as maintaining the application and upgrading it with latest technology is critical for optimum efficiency. This is the reason why expert app development companies are recommended for building the enterprise application. App management is vital for flawless employee engagement activities and efficiency.

Make sure your employees are engaged enough with the business objectives to deliver an unparalleled customer experience to customers. Have an employee engagement app idea? Don’t know how to get started with? We can help!

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