Augmented Reality: The Future Is Here. Is Your Retail Business Ready for the Change?

An interesting challenge awaiting the retail industry is exploring its usage in enhancing customer engagement and subsequently experience. And, Augmented Reality (AR) is conferred as the best choice for improving the in-store and online customer engagement experience.

In an interview with Vogue, Apple’s Tim Cook revealed that Augmented Reality will transform almost all the industry and there won’t be any industry that will be left untouched (source: Vogue).

Retailers are searching for new ways to impress and bond with their customers. Investing in AR empowers the retailers to enable customers with product scans through smartphones to gather deeper insights of their products and receive special offers from anywhere at any time.

With such an innovative approach, connecting with customers becomes seamless, efficient and above all, takes engagement, experience to the next level.

Augmented Reality – Building Retail Businesses of Tomorrow

Buying retail goods like clothes, glasses, shoes, watches, chairs etc. without trying on is still a huge challenge for customers, and AR enables retailers to offer an amazing virtual product experience to users which in turn helps on faster decision making and product purchases.

AR for Tomorrow's Retail Business

For instance, a customer searching for a glass or a watch or a dress can virtually test it online without even stepping out of the house. Further, trying out multiple types of watches based on colors, sizes, prices etc. is seamless and enables customers to pick the best watches matching to their expectations and budget.

Why Customers Prefer AR

According to a survey, 61% of customers love to buy products from retail stores powered with AR over others. And, 41% were willing to buy products if the stores had AR to virtualize their products. So, it is evident that consumers have adapted to this emerging technology.

Why Customers Prefer AR

Provided below are a few advantages for customers visiting AR-powered retail stores.

  • Makes product search simple and seamless for customers
  • Amazes with a best-in-class in-store shopping experience
  • Helps make informed decisions
  • Offers delightful buying experience
  • Proves to be cost-effective

With the competition brimming, it is critical to analyze and discover new techniques to stay ahead of your competitors. Investing in a raging technology like AR would help your retail business go the extra mile to attract, convert and delight customers.

Expanding Your Retail Business with AR

AR benefits your retail business in the following ways.

Expanding Retail Business Using AR

  • Helps collect customer data seamlessly
  • Helps develop personalized products
  • Helps offer a meaningful experience
  • Helps in showcasing products better with offers
  • Helps in enticing customers (especially the younger ones)
  • Helps in offering multiple trials to ensure risk-free purchase
  • Helps in creating new marketing opportunities
  • Helps in providing edge over competitors

Compared to other industries, AR technology will best suit the retail business for its innovation and user engagement ability.

Is your retail business ready for the AR revolution? Join the bandwagon today to attract more customers and improve your sales.

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