A Famous Restaurant Chain Attains 90% ADA Compliance


Impiger Technologies helped a high-end restaurant chain attain 90% ADA compliance via stringent audit procedure and site redesign to avoid legal hassles.


An American restaurant chain was amidst legal crisis due to limited options present online for the disabled population, contradicting the ADA law. With this situation in the hindsight, the chain’s aim was to improve the ADA compliance status and avoid legal implications in the future.


Impiger Technologies assessed the technical infrastructure of the client’s website with respect to ADA compliance and helped them leap to 90% adherence from the previous 74%. We helped them achieve WCAG 2.0 AA adherence and enabled the physically challenged consumers navigate across the online interface conveniently. We also changed the size and colors of several elements as per the ADA requirements which would make website viewing easier for the visually impaired.

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