Quality Assurance & Testing/Maintenance

Ensure your applications are up to date and satisfying your customers' demands, no matter the device. 

Manual Testing

Our team has the expertise to test your product through analytical thinking using tried and tested methods for manual testing. Every feature of your product will be tested through manual testing based on meticulous designed test plan and test cases. Our test engineers engage testing right from the requirements gathering phase to make sure that testing involves in all phases of SDLC.

Our team performs manual software testing to achieve maximum excellence in the product being delivered. We have been involved in QA/Testing for more than a decade where we have executed various manual testing projects with numerous testing techniques to ensure the product will be tested very thoroughly.

The extremely skilled and qualified team of testers here can assist you with the following activities:

  • Functionality and requirements analysis of a product
  • Test Strategy and Test Plan creation with detailed data
  • Functional Test Scenarios and Test Cases development with in-depth details
  • Manual Test execution
  • Defect Tracking & Metrics generation
  • Regression Testing
Manual Testing
Automation Testing

Software Automation testing is very important in today’s business world. To implement the right framework, you need to engage skilled testers who can implement automation frameworks using the latest technologies and trends. As test automation experts, we offer you a comprehensive range of services to meet your goal of increasing speed throughout the SDLC.

Some of the benefits of Automation testing are:

  • Time and money factors are saved using automation to run tests
  • Increases accuracy and coverage
  • Helps to detect the problem quickly and early

At Impiger, our team of specialized experts provide the precise automation service which ensures better performance and better-quality software in a shorter duration. We use a mix of off the shelf automation tools/frameworks and also use our in-house automation testing framework to deliver quality applications.

Automation Testing
Performance Testing

One of the main challenge’s clients face today is sustaining the performance of their business applications at peak user load and how the application can scale as per the user load. Without any preventive measures and metrics to foresee the behaviour of the application under load, the application may slowdown and even crash causing potential users to avoid using the application and thus causing business huge losses. The pressing requirement has been to develop an effective performance testing effort to avoid these issues. 

We have a dedicated group of test engineers who can develop and implement performance strategy for applications, they are skilled in using JMeter and other open source performance tools, the team has over the years conducted performance testing for a variety of applications across Web, Mobile, API’s and other applications. 

Bearing in mind a user experience is also based on the performance of the application they use, our team has continually evolved in structuring test strategy with the latest technologies based on the client’s needs and ensures that the end user has a positive experience in using the application. 

Performance & Load
Security Testing

Security testing has become very important and critical part of any product delivery. This is because of the increasing number of privacy breaches that applications are facing today. In order to efficiently handle the client’s security testing requirements, we adopt the latest security standards and methodologies. 

Our team of security testing experts help organizations secure their product through a defined approach and reliable methodologies based on industry acclaimed best practices defined by WASC, OWASP, etc. We help in identifying security issues, provide corrective solutions and provide support to the client’s technical team. 

Usability Testing

Our Usability testing team ensures your application works in real time scenarios and we structure use cases to simulate real user behaviour. With our testing we make sure application features are easy to understand and use in end user perspective. As a result, your application will give users a rich experience, higher conversion rates and in turn provide better profits. 

Your applications are tested on various browsers and devices with different resolution and operating system and we come up with a solid Usability test strategy to make sure the application works flawlessly whilst providing the user with the best experience when they get their hands on the application. 

Usability Testing
Agile Testing Services

Faster development cycles and dynamic variations in the product being delivered are on the rise which have paved way for new innovative methods in SDLC. Agile Testing and the methodologies are a result of this drive. Agile Testing helps clients to deliver projects in a swift yet efficient way which are of high quality. 

Our team of dedicated Agile team of testers have worked on diverse Agile projects and can deliver high quality Agile Test Strategies, Test Approaches and all the Testing required for Agile projects. 

Some of the activities we do in Agile Testing are, 

  • Work across Cross platform teams  
  • Get Involved in Sprint Planning, Requirement Analysis and Task creation 
  • Sprint backlog prioritization, getting every task/story into respective sprints 
  • Track every story/task until its completion and provide the necessary metrics  
  • Coordinate the daily status updates in the sprint meetings 
  • Provide feedback actions or improvements in retrospective meetings 
  • Reporting and providing metrics at every sprint 
Agile Testing Services
Wearables Testing Services

Wearables are a growing market in today’s digital world, Wristwatches, Bands, Wallets and other accessories now have become “wearables” due to the digitization of these products. Testing of wearables plays a crucial role before releasing the product on the market, a typical wearable must be tested for its integration between app and device, its usability, battery life, sensors are performing well and connectivity.

Our wearables mainly focussed on smartwatches are tested in real-life conditions like wearing devices when they are on the move, when they are exercising, sleeping etc. We do functional besides usability testing and give the client valuable metrics so that the product can be launched in the market with confidence.

Some of the scenarios which we test the smart watch for:

  • Testing functions of smart watch apps
  • Testing the device’s battery life
  • Testing the accuracy of the sensors
  • Testing the connectivity
  • Testing compatibility of the device across different mobile phone
  • Testing if the smart watch is customizable
  • Comparison analysis of multi brand wearables
  • Standalone testing of smart wearables (for e.g. testing the watch for its functionalities
Regression Testing Services
Mobile Application Testing Services

Digital transformation is taking over all the sectors and mobile applications are playing a critical role in achieving the same. Clients can lose markets with poorly designed mobile applications which have below standard user experience, limited device compatibility, functional defects etc. So, the need of the hour is a solid Mobile application testing practice in place to do away with these issues and capture the market. 

Our Mobile testing experts have access to a wide variety of mobile devices across all platforms and collection of testing tools tailored for mobile application testing, we apply our proven testing methodologies and use our in-house mobile testing framework MTAF to deliver quality mobile applications 

Our Mobile testing services are, 

  • Functional testing of mobile apps  
  • Compatibility testing across devices and platforms 
  • Usability testing  
  • Test automation for mobile applications 
  • Performance testing of mobile applications 
  • Security testing for mobile applications 
Mobile Application Testing Services
API Testing Services

Organization adapting to present-day architecture using cloud and other services have started using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to act as interface to exchange data between systems. Testing for APIs plays a crucial role in delivering systems which are robust. 

Our technical testers use automation techniques which go in parallel with the development activities and our team tests all the APIs consumed by the application and validate the quality of the webservices in place. 

 We can provide, 

  • Efficient API testing methodology 
  • Test end-to-end API in consumption  
  • Go hand in hand in an agile environment and deliver quality APIs 
  • Testing will be done throughout the development cycle 
  • API performance testing  
  • Metrics and Report Generation 
API Testing Services
Accessibility Testing Services

Differently abled population is increasing day by day globally and with the growing trend of lawsuits for non-conformance to provide accessibility of the applications to this sector of people, it becomes important to ensure that our applications are digitally accessible to all users. We at Impiger, provide a comprehensive accessibility testing service which involves in accessing the website and auditing the application for the non-conformances with respect to WCAG 2.1 guidelines. We use a mix of automated and manual test approach to evaluate and audit the application for the structural and contextual non-conformances which restricts the application from being digitally accessible.
We also help provide with remediation services, which offers solutions to address the non-conformances and make the application accessible for users with varying impairments ranging from visual, audio, cognitive and motor impairments.
Our skilled team can help with design and redesign of the applications to make it digitally accessible and protect the organisation from legal implications.

Accessibility Testing Services
Globalization & Localization Testing Services

Products which are launched into the global market need to support the users of various regions, locale, culture etc. Different techniques of localization & globalization testing help us achieve the same.  

Our Testing teams have expertise in checking the quality of your application’s localization and globalization for a target region. Localization testing or L10N is testing the application user interface are customized for a given locale without modifying the core code. At the same time Globalization testing or G11N is testing the application functionality works properly for any locale or culture settings. 

Globalization & Localization Testing Services
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